Smartwatch for children in the UK

Why a Smartwatch is the Perfect Choice for Your Child in the UK

For numerous UK parents, a mobile phone can be a valuable tool for keeping track of their child's whereabouts and being able to reach them when necessary. It also simplifies daily family life by assisting with coordination and logistics.

But here's the good news: You can postpone the purchase of a traditional phone, potentially laden with inappropriate content, and opt for a smartwatch instead. Hundreds of thousands of parents have already chosen myFirst Fone R2 smartwatches for their children, offering safe and controlled connectivity.

Empowering Kids to Be Kids!

myFirst Fone R2 was established with a clear mission: to enable children to explore the world safely and healthily. Research shows that secure and active children have better prospects for navigating life. Facilitating this is the core objective of myFirst.

With the Fone R2 watchphone, children can enjoy their childhood, while parents maintain control. Through the myFirst Circle App on your own phone, you can determine who your child can contact and access information about their location thanks to built-in GPS.

Here's what makes myFirst smartwatches perfect for UK children:

The perfect smartwatch for children in the UK
  • Video call function: Stay connected face-to-face.
  • GPS function: Keep track of your child's whereabouts for peace of mind.
  • School mode: Ensures focus during school hours with customizable settings.
  • Camera: Capture memories safely with limited sharing options.
  • Pedometer: Encourages a healthy lifestyle.
  • Heart rate monitor: Track activity levels (may not be available on all models).
  • Voice messages: A fun and convenient way to communicate.
  • No access to social media and the internet: Protects children from inappropriate content.
  • SOS button: Provides immediate assistance in emergencies.

myFirst: A Comprehensive Solution

myFirst offers a complete package for UK parents:

  • myFirst watchphone: A safe and secure way for children to connect.
  • myFirst Circle App: A dedicated parent app for managing settings and location tracking.
  • aSIM service: Compatible with UK mobile networks (check with myFirst for details).

With a myFirst watchphone, your child can travel to and from school independently, and you can easily reach each other through calls and voice messages.

What Is School Mode?

School Mode is a setting that allows you to set fixed on/off times, preventing children from using the smartwatch outside of designated school hours. During this time, the smartwatch functions exclusively as a regular watch, with all other features disabled.

Parents have full control over School Mode through the app, and children cannot override these settings. This ensures that the smartwatch doesn't disrupt the classroom environment. The step counter remains active even when School Mode is enabled, encouraging healthy activity.

What About the Camera Function?

Sharing photos online can be risky for children. With traditional mobile phones, setting clear boundaries is crucial. For younger children, avoiding camera-equipped devices might be prudent. However, myFirst offers a safe alternative.

  • Parents have complete control over who can see photos taken with the watch.
  • Images can only be shared with pre-approved contacts.
  • School Mode deactivates the camera for additional peace of mind.

Overall, the R2 smartwatch provides a safe and controlled way for your child to stay connected, have fun, and develop healthy habits.

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